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Put your firm on the right growth trajectory

‘Soft’ Product/ Service Design is perhaps the least understood element of my offering. We will redesign how your product or service is explained to potential buyers and perceived in your markets. This can be simply the wording or reorganising the order of services you offer or tackling bespoke issues you have in your market.

We will often develop a pricing strategy that helps you ‘place’ your product or service at the ‘right’ level. In the past that has quite often included raising prices significantly and/ or creating multi-price levels to enhance or develop your product offer.

We work with clients both nationally and Internationally.

We will help you to:

  • Use price as a tool in developing sales
  • Define and open up markets – often ones you have never previously considered. (Clients have often been fishing in the wrong lake!)
  • Develop a pipeline
  • Create activity – business comes to you when before it didn’t
  • Create a ‘buzz’ about what you do (sometimes as a way of increasing prices)
  • Bring in and / or design systems and process
  • Raise your profile
  • Give you and your staff corporate belief and confidence – creating a ‘can do’ attitude and making sales look and feel easy and turning poor performers into sales ‘Stars’ (even unlikeliest candidates become good at sales!)
  • Help design marketing channels and campaigns
  • Help you and key staff become great networkers

We are team players. We have you and your firm’s best interests at heart and we want to see you and your company fulfil its potential. You will find that we can turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ and lots of work starts to appear, seemingly ‘out of the blue’. That’s no accident. It’s because people remember our message and speak to others who also want your services. Activity breeds work and suddenly sales staff become more confident and that elusive Sales Pipeline you’ve been after becomes a reality.

It may sound too good to be true but many clients who work with us eventually ask us to bring in less work, become ‘picky’ who they work with and which quotes you price for, and their prices go up.

What’s not to like!